Twilla is a multi-genre recording artist based in Atlanta. She doesn’t not capture the typical Atlanta sound but rather captures her own sound. Her style and delivery can vary from song to song. She currently dropped an EP in 2022 and plans to drop another in the upcoming future. She has many singles located on all major platforms. Not only is Twilla a recording artist she is a computer programmer, dancer, entrepreneur, and multi-instrumentalist. At the young age of 18, she’s already has received multiple record deals but has not accepted any of the them. She stands as an independent artist and plans to remain that way throughout her career. She touches on a lot of different subjects within her songs including but not limited: to God, family-life, relationships, our current society, emotions/relationships/feelings, and her perspective on the world. Twilla has an original sound that cannot be compared to the mainstream. Before recording, Twilla was a producer that frequently made beats. She writes all her lyrics and in the past has produced for other artists. She is currently working with other artist to release soon to be collaborations.


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