Gifted and versatile independent artist from London. From an early age, Kemi Amos has been a natural born performer, fearless, confident, energetic and experimental with sounds.

She recorded and performed her first single ‘Angelica’ at the legendary Abbey Road studio. Throughout her early teenage years, she had always dreamt of becoming a rock star. At the age of 18 Kemi Amos played in several rock bands as a guitarist and vocalist which led to performing at prestigious venues such as Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scott, E-Purple, The Arch, and Wellington. Her music is a fusion of Afro-Soul melodies, Rock chord progressions, and symphonized pentatonics.

Her new Singles ‘Purty’’, Mr Labo’, ‘Never Give up’ and ‘Boom Boom’ are a fine blend of Yoruba afro melodies and pop-rock chord progression which serenades and floats one into the core soul of the music. Kemi Amos is very expressive, driven by her desire to share her music with the world, as she believes that music is way to inspire and bring joy.

Song Description:
This is a blend of salsa and Afrobeat Fusion. The sweet lyrical blend of Yoruba and English flows with the melody.






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